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Our organisation

The Board of Directors (BOD) is our lead decision-making body, responsible for reviewing and formulating policies.

Under the BOD, we have established the Council with seven dedicated committees, managing finance, fundraising, administration and human resources, event management, community services, community relations, as well as information technology and multimedia management respectively.

Board members

Karen Lio

Chairperson, Board of Directors
Karen Lio is the Chairperson of Soul Alliance's Board of Directors, leading the organisation in driving the development of our body, mind and spirit health services, striving to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of the public. With care to the society at her heart, Karen brings a reservoir of experience in finance and business management, which translates into effective governance of the organisation. At Soul Alliance, Karen has built a team culture of encouraging and reminding each other, leading the team to serve our community with love. It is her aspiration that both the team and the public can achieve inner peace and live out their true selves as life influences life.

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Chris Chan


Erin Lam


Grid Lau


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